ruth jiang

hi, it’s ruth. nice to meet you :)

i’m a chinese-american writer based in los angeles. i was born in palo alto, grew up in minnesota, and went to wellesley college in massachusetts. 

i’d love to write for tv/film. most of my stories pair alternate futures and fantastical situations grounded in the real world with messy second-gen family dynamics, the midwestern asian-american experience, and second puberties. 

i also like writing about music and asking people questions. my secondary goal in life is to write the next great american muzak album. you can learn more about my music background here.

you can check out some of my work below.

my email is
i like dumb puns, writing opportunities, and penpals in no particular order. hmu!


Away and Back - 1 hr pilot  Exiled into observing the long-dead home planet of his ancestors, an insomniac space ranger finds reprieve after stumbling upon the history of two boys who once lived on Earth with dreams of running away to space. 2023 Black List x WIF Episodic Lab short list
2022 Mentorship Matters finalist
2022 Screencraft Sci-fi/Fantasy quarterfinalist
8 on the Blacklist

A Cure For The Living Dead- 1 hr pilot In a small town succumbing to the encroachment of a mysterious biotech company, a newly disabled athlete stumbles upon a scene of fantastically enormous proportions and unwittingly triggers a sequence of events that threatens to destabilize the secret behind the company's profits. 2023 Stowe Story Labs x Studio SKYFIRE Fellowship
2023 Coverfly Red List - Sci-Fi TV (May & June)


Samia -  Honey Album Review [Bandcamp]

Miss Grit’s “Follow the Cyborg” Is Sweeping, Theatrical Rock about Man and Machine [Pitchfork]

PUTOCHINOMARICÓN Explores Contradictions on JÁJÁ ÉQUISDÉ (Distopia Aburrida) [Bandcamp]

Nilüfer Yanya Gets Vulnerable on Painless [Bandcamp] 
Bowen Yang Has It In The Bag [LADYGUNN]

The Year of Peggy Gou [Bandcamp]

All Hail the New Voice: Isaac Dunbar [LADYGUNN]


Bolognese (2021) - 7 minute short film
editor, co-writer/co-director

A cannibalistic millenial makes a horrifying discovery on the day of her and her boyfriend’s anniversary
Flickers’ Rhode Island International Vortex Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror Film Festival (2021) 
Roku Genre TV Channel - available on Roku Players/TVs

Flight (2021) - 5 minute short film
editor, writer
After her best friend decides to move cross country with her dad post-divorce, a young girl struggles to say good bye.
Rhode Island International Film Festival (2021)
Boston MFA Women’s Film Festival (2021) 
Provincetown Film Festival (2022)